Saturday, July 25, 2020

Jeopardy Final Question "Who is Alex Trebek?

He's a game show host and has steered Jeopardy for the past 36 years which in almost any profession you care to name is remarkable and very much unheard of in television.

So much of his life is well-known:  originally from Canada; became an American citizen and continued to thrive.  His dry sense of humor and the exactly perfect comedic timing amuse many of us, who are ardent fans of the show "Because it's 'Different'" so is the forat of the book:  example -  Fatherhood is the answer.  Who is Johnny Gilbert?  What is strategy?

Well, no surprise, so is his book: The Answer Is... Reflections of my life.  Instead of just reading words, the many photos in it show some unexpected sides of the man.  This can be a bad thing, but in this case, not so.  He is an ardent do-it-yourself home improvement guy.  Refurbishing his wife. Jean's bathroom, for example.  A local hardware store was going out of business, so he hotfooted it over and bought all of their tools, etc.  His kids Matthew and Emily looked around his garage shop and asked if he's bought the hardware store?!

This photo caption still makes me grin.  Alex is talking to a horse, wearing jeans and a jean jacket:  He explains this denim suit with the explanation that it's a Canadian tuxedo.

There's plenty more to laugh at - go for it!

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