Thursday, July 9, 2020

Travel - And Don't We Wish That We Could ..

Wanna go to Japan?  Don't scream on a roller coast!  It could spread The Virus!  I have no idea what Japan does to people alighting from the roller coaster.  They are reputed to be, by and large, peaceable, agreeable people so probably no real harm to you.

Except. Memory was triggered and I remembered the Japanese reporter, in the press room of an off-road race, demanding prints of other reporters' notes.  He was rather unpleasant it about it and especially to the only female there (me) and finally I whispered to my boss, Deke Houlgate, "Let's go bomb Pearl Harbor again!")  and he grinned and said, "Let's!"

 I would imagine that the USA roller coasters would be the same, if any of ours were open.  Most definitely NOT my devout wish - that they would re-open.  There is nothing appealing to me in being hurled around a probably-not-OSHA approved, roller coaster.

 Speaking of which, if Baja is your heart's desire do not go paragliding.  We were once lunching on the patio of a restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, idly watching the water traffic.  And then a heart-stopping moment - a female paraglider was headed straight for the side of a 6 story hotel until someone on the boat managed to get her back and over the open sea. We had to order another bottle of beer each to calm our fraught (and then some) nerves.

Ditto  the little harbor to Pacific Ocean glass-bottomed boat ride.  Look down at your very own precious legs and feet - and while you'e doing that, check out the cement holding your "glass" window in place.   That side of the Pacific is very, very rough.  Great big rocks dot the ocean. You've been told.

Home is  not looking all that bad now, eh?

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