Monday, August 4, 2014

"Will You Be My Friend?" Asks The Week Magazine

A free copy of this quasi-political, international news magazine landed in our mailbox just the other day.  Having just finished the last library book, I settled down to read it.

Things I liked:
A staffer writes what the article is about and then adds no less than three other editorial writers' opinions on the subject.  That is the kind of objectivity I can get behind.  With gusto.  I have battlefield boredom at the biased commentators for all political parties.  Give me a little pepper with the salt, wouldja?

Products for the Home - this week the products listed were for outdoor living upgrades.  A light that looks simply like an aluminum-framed empty box has LED tubes hidden in the framing for light.  $895

The Hotel of the Week was the Whitney Peak Hotel, Reno, where so-minded guests can scale the 164 ft. façade; said to be the world's tallest climbing wall.  In addition to the usual fancy amenities, of course.

Best Properties on the Market put the spotlight on the state of Georgia.  In Savannah - a 1920-built five bedroom home in one of the numerous squares there with all kinds of expensive upgrades with a garden, mature trees and an arbor.  $769,000.

Obituaries - "The author who challenged apartheid" (Nadine Gordimer) or "The agent who created the super model" (Eileen Ford)

The Last Word featured a story about the impossibility of getting a mental patient into forced custody for treatment.  The law will only do a forced 72-hour observation if said patient is a danger to themselves or others.  Never mind that said person hasn't been out of their house in two years, claims that the colander is telling them what to do (worn on the head for easier communication) or that they painted everything in the house (sofa included) either yellow or white. 

So my coy response to The Week's pleading is, "Maybe -- but send me another free copy to be sure."  How long do you think we can play that one?

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