Thursday, August 21, 2014

In Which "Annabel" Becomes "Fred"

Annabel was carried into the Hermosa Animal Hospital as that and emerged newly-christened Fred.  No surgical instruments were involved; only the vet's sharp eyes. 

He's named Fred because he is black and white and his markings reminded me of a tuxedo which led to thoughts of Fred Astaire doing  "Top Hat and Tails."

Fred is young - 10 months to a year old, we were told - and feisty.  Upon release in the exam room, (meaning when he was finally pried out of the carrying cage) he took off like a rocket, around and around the exam room until the tech had to bag him with a big towel.   It was quite comical I thought as I stayed safely out of the way.

Fred is now in the backyard, resting from his exertions at the vet's.   Richie comforted him, not with apples, but a can of cat food.  He may think this was bad, but wait until next week when he will be turned back into Annabel for all intents and purposes. 

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