Thursday, August 28, 2014

Grab a Fork, Siddown and Shut Up - Food Fight!

Food and Wine has decided to liven up the last of summer with a pitched battle about "most" and "fewest" in restaurants nationwide.

I think we could play, too - after all, surely we are as sophisticated as their average reader; we've traveled a lot and most importantly - we know what's what.

Fewest pompous foodies - Salt Lake city
Worst tippers - Salt Lake City                                    
  (ed. comment:  snort - no surprise) 

Best healthy food - Portland, OR
Fewest healthy choices - Memphis

Fewest daring diners - Savannah

Miami surprise - fewest family-friendly dining spots.   Nu?  Miami's not filled with doting grandparents and spoiled brats?


Salt City's bar scene amazed me - airplane-sized bottles of booze hung above the bartenders like wine glasses. 

I can believe it about Savannah.  During our only visit, we were touristy enough to make a reservation at Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House for lunch.  We diners were lined up on the sidewalk outside the side door until we were invited to "Come on in; where's yoah $15?"  Facing all of us was an enormous table, big bowls of food steaming (but by no means perfuming) the air.  Platters of sliced meats and fried chicken, biscuits and honey.  All of which was woefully overcooked.  The final insult?  Slices of white Wonder bread!

As for Memphis I would emphatically state that barbecue is good for your soul and if you don't have a happy soul, then  nothin's going to make you feel better.
Hang onto your health - and do it with barbecue, by jingoes!

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