Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hurry! Summer Is Almost Over!

I'm pretty sure that the helicopter from the 34th Street heliport in Manhattan will cut back on flights to the Hamptons after Labor Day.  So what we need to do is fly to New York and take it.

Town & Country magazine says "blading" into the Hamptons is ever-so-chic.  Certainly, they would know -- example of their great discernment - the cover blares, "Should your jewels match your furs?"  Indeed a pressing matter to so many of us...

For those who have never been to "the Hamptons" don't fret too much.  Many of the people who drive out there never get there at all - that's how bad the traffic is said to be.

There are ways to get around this - sort of.  The Hampton Ambassador Jitney is $45 one way; a car service is $450, but I think you have to provide your own six-pack. 

But trumping all of that frou-frou is Blade, partnered with Liberty helicopter.  A six-seat chopper takes one from Manhattan to East Hampton and Southampton for $575; to go to Montauk is $625.  If you take the Blade Ultra, it's $895 but at the terminal, you are offered free rose and mini-lobster rolls.  "Oh, thanks darling - had a lobster roll on the Blade, so I'm full."  And a free copy of the NY Post which brings the "tone" down quite a bit in many people's estimation. 

Posh extra - if your flight is grounded due to unstable weather, you will be driven to your destination by a chauffeured Maserati - for free.  That kinda makes up for the Post, doesn't it?   

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