Monday, August 25, 2014

Garlic Knots!

They are the Italian version of a Midwest treat.  If your mother baked when you were a kid and if she had leftover pie crust, she'd roll it out, put sugar and cinnamon on it and bake it for you.  Same principle for a garlic knot using leftover pizza dough. 

Bobby's South Bay Italian seats you and then greets you with a pair of knots and a side of their marinara sauce. 

Bobby's serves lunch and dinner so we blew in for lunch the other day.  We shared a Caesar salad ($7) and he ordered the baked rigatoni and I spaghetti and meatballs (both $9.)  Portions were so generous that we had leftovers of all of the above - so we had them for dinner.  The tab was $27.25, food only, plus $6 tip. 

But who cares about accounting?  The baked rigatoni was heaped with mozzarella and looked lush and inviting with al of that cheese.  My spaghetti had two good-sized meatballs nestled in it and Bobby's Mama's tomato sauce had a very faint zing to it.  Danny, our server, told us it came from the spices used in the meatballs (of beef, veal and pork.) 

Five salads, three Panini or four heroes, six pizzas, three pastas and four desserts - not bad for a lunch menu, eh?  The dinner menu has a great many more items and am looking forward to eating my way through it. 

Wines by the glass or bottle.  The bottled beers - El Segundo Blue House Citra Pale or El Segundo Hop Tanker Double IPA was certainly "different" when your expecting to see MGD or Budweiser.  But wait!  There are 13 craft beers, mainly ales with a couple of wheats. 

Take a browse at  or pop in - 502 Pacific Coast Highway, Hermosa Beach 90254  310-798-7747

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