Friday, August 8, 2014

Psst - Quick Household Tips

Cook's Illustrated is now in.  I appreciate ways to make things easier and am going to assume that you do, too.  Here's tricks...

If you bake your own bread, when it's ready to be  put on the rack, steamy and driving you mad with the aroma, put the loaf on it's side on a rack for a moment or two and viola!  Exactly how to slice evenly.  The rack will leave a mark.

Useful for red wine drinkers - spill a bit?  No worries.  Combine equal parts hydrogen peroxide and dish detergent and saturate the stain which should disappear in about an hour.  My old remedy for carpet was to dump a bunch of salt on it.  The salt pulls the stain right up.  Or douse the stain in club soda.  If all that doesn't work, switch to a white or beer.

Like soft-poached eggs?  Serve the finished egg in a shot glass and you can easily decapitate it because the shell sticks up Just Right.

Going to strain something fine and just realized your colander has big enough holes for lima beans?  Slap a paper coffee filter in the colander and strain away.  I would leave it too long ... you are dealing with paper...

We have 13-gal. trash baskets and shaking the plastic sack into them leaves billowy gusts of bag flapping in the basket.  One-time solution:  drill  three holes close to the ground and one midline.  The liners will stay flat and you only have to drill these holes once for on-going good results.

Tired of seeing what everyone in the house had for lunch after they brush their teeth?  Put a plastic scrubber with a knob handle next to the bathroom sink and point out to family members its use.

Finally - got an almost empty mayonnaise jar?  Add a judicious amount of rice wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar to the jar, lid it and shake vigorously.  Instant cole slaw dressing. 

Now we all curtsy in unison and murmur, "Thank you, Cook's Illustrated." 

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