Wednesday, August 27, 2014

They Have Short Memories at the Hermosa Animal Hospital ...

Yesterday morning at 8 a.m., Richie dropped Fred off at the vet's as instructed and we were able to pick him up again at 2 p.m .  To maintain Fred's privacy I will not detail what said surgery covered.   

In addition to Fred (who seemed none the worse for wear) we were handed paperwork detailing post-surgery instructions and three oral syringes with 1cc pain medicine each.    

And then with a flourish, the medical tech handed us a "Certificate Of Bravery, awarded to Fred Murphy in recognition of great courage shown during your stay in the hospital for surgery. " (signed by his vet and the chief tech.)

I mention this in light of the fact that last Friday, at his first visit to the vet, when we and the tech were finally able to pry him out of the carrier cage, he took off like he was demented!  He traveled at warp speed on a circuit around the office and went airborne (seemingly through will alone) to sail over the examination bed, onto shelves holding stuff and back down to the floor again. 

This "Certificate of Bravery" was issued yesterday - Tuesday.  Only three days after  most definitely not winning any awards from a vet anywhere.        So I have to wonder... 

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