Saturday, August 9, 2014

Richie Is Courting Another!

I've seen it for myself.  He brings her choice tidbits to eat; he put together a lavish bed for her!  He uses every chance he can grab to talk softly to her, all the while inching closer to her. 

And I think it's funny to see a grown man trying to tame a feral cat. 

Our balcony overlooks a concrete pad that serves as our patio.  It's stacked with empty pots, an old small table and a blue plastic crate on its side with a soft towel in a pad inside.  That's her new home. 

Her appetite is good.  She went through a bowl of kibbles yesterday afternoon like Grant took Richmond.  Richie reports that this morning she tore through a small can of cat food and about 1/2 cup of kibbles.  In return (what a whore!) she allowed him to pet her briefly and he told me he could easily feel her ribs.  Since I estimate that she's about a year old, this is not unusual in a maturing animal. 

We will take pictures of this cat and put them around the neighborhood as well as copies for the veterinarian hospital just in case she does belong to someone.  But given her wary alertness and quick ability to disappear, I don't think it's likely. 

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