Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Requiescat In Pace

                         Robin Williams
Born 7/21/1951    (suddenly) 8/11/2014

Based on the media references to his  frequent substance abuse, alcohol abuse and severe depression, I'd like to believe he is now (finally) serenely content. 

In an interview (one of many now re-published) he said that cocaine slowed him down mentally.  Having had some experience with this drug 40 years ago (strictly for scientific reasons) I found that Peruvian marching powder upped my verbal game considerably.  In conclusion if that s--t calmed him down, please do not think about how fast he was going naturally.  Scarier than a Stephen King novel. 

Personally, I remember him expressing points of view I was able to adapt into my own life.  Working NHRA for Pennzoil, every day as I walked into the press room for the first time of that day, I was thinking "Goooood morrrrrning Viet Nam" because it was a bastion of the Old Boys Network and they were much more often lecherous than honestly welcoming. 

I always wanted to use this expression but never had the opportunity, so to paraphrase, "Robin I hope you didn't go to that place that's 'hotter than a snake's ass in a wagon rut.'" 


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