Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fair Fare

Every year at fair time, it seems there is a contest of sorts among the various venues - Los Angeles County, Orange County and northward - for the most grotesque food offering available. 

Huge hamburgers and hot dogs are always on offer - no thrill there...but wait!  Now comes the Crispy Crème Cheeseburger.  The bun is a split DONUT with three beef patties and three portions of cheese.  No mention of lettuce or tomatoes...

Back in olden times, we thought that fried zucchini spears with Ranch dressing were a wicked treat - all that batter, all that fat but poor old zucchini fades into distant memory when compared to this ... I don't know what to call it, but this is what it is:  a churro that has been hollowed out with a half shot of Jack Daniels poured into the now empty space.  Carefully roll this item in bacon, roll it in sugar and deep-fat fry it, garnishing with a dollop of whipped cream!  That'll be $6.50, please. 

This strikes me as over kill ..mix up some batter,  dip Doritos into it and deep fat fry them.   Or dry off slices of pickle, batter them and deep fry them.  I'm sensing a certain sinister trend here..

Locally, Labor Day weekend is the annual Fiesta Hermosa (
and the food court will have a few marginally more healthful things to eat than a Crispy Crème cheeseburger.  Choose from Thai, Greek, Brazil, Hawaii, Mexico, Cajun - Holy Guacamole serves a bowl that appears to be about half a tree's worth of avocados.  Portions are generous, but prices are high, too. 

Pace yourself! and your purse, too .

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