Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I love to watch "Jeopardy" because I am somewhat (to say the least) obnoxiously competitive.  One of the recurring categories is "Potpourri" which is French for a jumble; "mishigas" is Yiddish for the same thing.   And it describes today's column. 

Cousin Marvin, down in South Texas where McAllen is being bombarded by South American illegal-entry children, forwarded an article on the Gaza Tunnels, but because he didn't source it, I couldn't use it without verification.  (I'm funny about stuff like that.)  So I Googled "Gaza Tunnels - the full story" and page after page popped up.  I recommend the NPR site.  We listen to NPR in the car and like it.  The article was nicely moderated and the comments showed a much higher level of intelligence and overall comprehension than are usually found in the Daily Mail or equivalent. 

Foot Odor and Courtesy
I had my first appointment with wound care rehab on July 30th when they put my left leg in a triple-wrapped bandage that extended from the area just behind the toes on up to just below the knee.  I was sternly told to never let it get wet!! 

To that end I bought a cast cover and use it every morning in the shower.

On 8/4/I had the second and, knowing that they would replace the bandage, I began to worry about my toes smelling.  I mean, it is summer...so I got a baby wrap and diligently cleaned what I could.  I think you could also use that no-soap hand sanitizer, too.  So I show up, toes glistening and...they get a basin and wash the whole foot.   

Score 1 for them.

I'd brought the airplane/hospital sock I wear over it at night because they have rubberized soles which is needed because the bandages cover the sole of my foot and we have Pergo floors -- whoosh!  I showed it to them and suggested they issue one to every customer in the same situation.

They said, "Oh, there's plenty of them at the hospital!"  

Score 1 for me ...  

Next game, er, appointment is Thursday. 

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