Saturday, August 16, 2014

Pros and Cons of Cat Adoption

Richie is really infatuated by the stray cat.  I know he wants to bring her into the house.  But if no one responds to the flyers I put out, then we have to:

Get her used to the cat cage by putting a towel on the floor of it, making sure the door won't engage and feed her a few kibbles in it from time to time.  Like a mint on a hotel pillow.

Once she doesn't fear the cage, the door is locked and away we sail to the vet's for a wellness check and the anti-flea monthly doses.

Then a collar (bright red) and return tags as well as insurance at VIP Pets (where the other two cats have been registered since we got them.)

I estimate that "Annabel" is about a year old.  Going by the ages of our previous and original four cats (three siblings; one "favor" cat - "Oh, I'm moving and I can't have a cat there...") deaths of age 13, 17, 17, and 19; they live on average 16 years and five months.  In 16 years and five months, I  will be 90 years old!

As it is, both present cats are 12 years old and to insert a year old into their mix would be like installing her in an old folk's home. 

So far she plays well with Minuit who loves "outdoors" so much she'd probably like to join her.  Unfortunately, Streak, a calico, will probably try to kill her.*  She does not play well with others and is the dominant of the two present cats.

* Presuming Annabel is not a male.  If "she" is male then a rather different name will have to be assigned.  A male cat named "Annabel" is just a little too gay.

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