Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Woe Is Me

Friday I began to exhibit signs of an Upper Respiratory Infection (URI) and Saturday went to Urgent Care for two prescriptions both of which are helping.   I finally have a little appetite back, didn't take any afternoon naps Monday and am clearly creeping along (on knees now, not just hands and knees) and hoping for the best and damned soon!

A catalog new to my acquaintance popped up Monday.  CatalogFavotires.com

These picks are for "funny" t-shirts -

The officer said, "You drinking?" and said, "You buyin'?'   We just laughed and laughed!    I NEED BAIL MONEY

I would like to thank my middle finger for always sticking up for me when I need it.

Sawdust is man glitter.

Pubs:  the official sunblock of Ireland

Just remember:  if we get caught you're deaf and I don't speak English

And especially for the Trump Deranged*- The Countdown To Trump's Last Day Clock-
2 1/2 x4, plastic, requires 2 AA batteries  $12.95

The face of the one shown reads:

662 days  23 hours  48 minutes 05 seconds

* Deranged because every single thing he does is immediately negatively commented on.  If he donated his salary to a ghetto primary school, the media would howl - "Trump Bribing Future Voters!  For himself!"

From the point-of-view of history no one single person can be guilty of ALL he is supposed to have done!  Think of Lucretia Borgia?  Machiavelli?

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