Friday, April 26, 2019

A Summer Fun Idea

Near the beginning of May, we might not be considering a summer trip, but if you are still in recovery mode from a brutal winter (and some of you had one!) then that's a different story.

Browsing through an issue of the Brit mag Tattler, I discovered that the Aristotle Onassis heirs (what there are of them) clearly have come upon an unexpected loss of funding.  To recoup, they have apparently decided to rent out his old yacht (how funny is it to roll that around in your mind - "old yacht")  for the summer months.

The Christina O was retrofitted in 2018 to contain 17 luxury quarters en suite bathrooms  for some 34 guests.  The ship is 325 ft. long and carries a crew of 38.   The dining room comfortably serves 40 and for in-shore parties can entertain some 250 people.

The swimming pool that converts to a dance floor is still there, but no mention was made of the barstools purportedly made of the penis of a whale.  There's a garage sale item for you!    

Top speed should you tire of your present location is 19 knots/32 mph.

And how much for this forever memorable treat?  That will be 90,000 EUROS per day.

There are a number of yacht brokers that have it on offer which gave me an idea … you would have to bribe one of them - say 1,000 Euros a day (for  a savings of 89,000 Euros a day) - to tell all of the other panting brokers, "Oh, she's out for a couple of days on a customer's insistence on a trial run."  That should shut them up and you will spend $5.000 approx..

Let me know if you want in … at the moment, the month of August is full.  

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