Monday, April 29, 2019

Could the Pope Just Shut TF Up?

I really am tired of his proclamations regarding OUR country.  Stay in the Vatican, Holiness, and don't come around opining on subjects you know nothing about.

I was, most definitely, not pleased to read that he had directed the sum of half-a-million dollars to feed and shelter the caravans of illegals awaiting a moonless night to sneak in from the northern border of Mexico over our southern border.  Of some 27 "helpful aid" separate funds of the half a mill  available, 13 have been funded.

I believe this funding is being administered by various dioceses for such as food, shelter (paying for hotel stays for illegals among others)  If you don't think there are some really rancid deals going down with a free supply of funding you are either not paying attention or a stranger to Mexican shores.  And please note:  I love Mexico and could probably live there, perfectly content.

In another diatribe released this week, he called on Catholic young people to stand by Mother Mary who has, according to his Holiness, undertaken brutal treatment.  This after his priests were molesting kids for years and years and years.  Right - "Come to Mary and let Father Budweiser grope you - he missed you last time; think you were home with a cold."

Millions of Catholic youngsters will scurry to find out what their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents (it's been going on that long) were talking about... Yet another example of the stupidity of the Church.  His audience is so brainwashed, it is thought that youngsters will just flock to Church.

Today's tidbit is that the Pope has taken on the beauty industry, warning a group of hair stylists, barbers and beauticians who were paying him a call, to eschew gossiping while they work.  He feels that it is not a Christian thing to do.  Be kind to one another.

The Pope also reminded them that their patron saint, St. Martino de Porres, a 16th century barber/surgeon was also the patron saint of innkeepers, mixed races, and public health workers.  I hope this latter item does not include the woefully inadequate Children's Protective Services which has a morbidly insane number of children killed by parents when they were turned back over to them.
Back to St. Martino de Porres.  He achieved sainthood, it is written for:  levitating, being in two places at once, instant cures and the ability to talk to animals.  Mull over the latter.

In defense of the above (sort of) of all of the Catholics I know, only ONE (1) is not a lapsed Catholic.
Quoniam res ipsa laquitur  The thing speaks for itself.

Dear Pope - the Vatican has a wall around it - why don't you stay behind it and leave the United States alone?  Thank you for your consideration.

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