Sunday, April 28, 2019

What the Very Hell Were So Many of Us Thinking?

I am referring to the HBO broadcast "The Sopranos"  It ran a lengthy six seasons with 86 episodes from Jan. 10, 1999, to June 10, 2007.

For nostalgia or what? on Richie's part but he brought home the first six episodes from the library last Saturday.  Born in Brooklyn, raised on Long Island, he has long been familiar with that group.  He regards them as more legit than our politicians.  And I can't really call "Bullshit!" on that.

Since it ended 12 years ago, I hadn't given it any thought since then and I should have.

The Sopranos  is a Fuck Fest from start (1999) to finish.  I wish I had a dollar for every time someone in the show uttered it with varying degrees of intensity.  I'd able to afford a new outfit or a $200 dinner at Abigaile's, Hermosa Beach.  

 It's usage was practiced with enthusiasm by all of the characters in the show (shunning only Father Phil, but then he was somewhat pre- occupied with trying to fend off Mrs. Soprano.)  

The superfluous violence truly appalled me.  Apparently a sucker punch and subsequent kicking of the greeter is Mafia custom.  These early shows totally favored kicking the shit out of perceived bad guys.  For no reason that I could see.  Where was mandatory Anger Management when so desperately needed?

Back in real life, when Ralphie,  the English-accent guy got beheaded in a bathtub, that was it for me.  So over the top as to never be credible at all.  That's when I picked up a book when the show came on.  

A practice I am thinking of restating.  

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