Friday, April 12, 2019

When PR Works - Payday!

This week's coverage and how I got it.  Sudden stardom only occurred due to very good luck indeed.

#1  the estimable Jim Mueller, producer of the South Bay Stories Show, invited me to be a part of this year's fifth show.  The invitation was issued in January for a March 30-31st show date.  Blithely I signed on, thinking to myself, "Hell, we may all be dead by then; no worries" and skipped off on my merry way.

As you have noted no obit notices for cast and crew.  Appearing by myself on a vastly empty stage nearly killed me, but that's old news.

This is the key to today's fantastic personal news.  The pre-show stories gave me a big boost and an editor at the Long Beach Press-Telegram asked Michael Hixson, the reporter for both the Beach Reporter and the Daily Breeze to re-interview me with an eye for additional mention of the Long Beach Grand Prix.  All the papers + nine more are owned by the same company.

Thus today, I saw:

front cover, above the fold - Daily Breeze with a jump to 5
front cover The Beach Reporter with a jump to pages 16 and 17
the Press Telegram
Los Angeles Daily News 

Meanwhile a reporter at Spectrum News 1 saw the article and invited me to do a video blog.  Previously covered here. )

Ah, when PR works... bliss.  

If this baby blitz on the locals doesn't sell some books, I will be more than rather disappointed.  "And the Best Blog Is:  Word of Mouth" by Nina Murphy

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