Thursday, April 11, 2019

In Which I Reluctantly Turn Down A Video Blog Appearance

Imagine my surprise yesterday at receiving an e-mail from one Nic Kim, a reporter for Spectrum News1, which covers local news in depth and with great interest.  (  I noted on the site that they must have 30+ reporters with cameras roaming our fair land.  You can bet they're competitive and hungry for material.  

He asked if I would like to met him at the Long Beach Grand Prix, tour the track with me adding comment at the various turns with the addition of some of my old shots.  It would be him to interview and him as the cameraman.  He insisted he wouldn't get in my way as I shot the race. 

In the thrill of being invited to participate, I forgot the part about I haven't shot a race in 33 years.  I am long past the physical ability to stomp along the course in blazing sun, carrying a 25-30 lb. camera bag.  Pity that, but we do (if we're lucky) age and some skills depart forever.  Hanging up the rollerblades at 70; no longer fitting a size 10 … all fleeting but fun while they lasted.  

However, just because they can't have me, doesn't mean that you can't do something similar.  Say you're running a non-profit for a worthy charity.  Did you start it?  How did you get into it?  Why?  You may be sitting on a very good piece.

Did you invent something?  Have a good idea - why can't we do (fill in) this?  

They want "local" and they're all over the U.S. - New York, Chicago, and many more.  

  See yesterday's Comments with his. which explains more.  You're welcome!  

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