Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Part 2 - La Connexion Francaise

My next encounter with a photographer came at Laguna Seca when I wanted to cross the track and asked a guy abut it.  He yelled back something snotty so I looked carefully and ran across the track, 25 lb. camera bag bumping across my butt.

On the plane home, he was across the aisle from me so I gave him a dirty look and he laughed his butt off.  He taught me a lot.  So much that I decided to see what four-wheel racing was all about.

Pit Pictures …
NHRA drag racing:
English teacher turned top fuels Connie Kalitta when I asked about Christmas.  "Sandy Claws ain't comin' this year" (mournfully.

His former girlfriend Shirley Muldowney on live TV (wagging a finger) said, "And if you quote me on this, I'll deny it!"  On live TV.

Linda Vaughn, 39-23-39, Miss Hooker Headers, Miss Hurst Golden Shifter confided to me that when all of this Miss This and Miss That was done, she had a fall-back career.  Wait for it - as a dental hygienist!  And I thought wryly, "Only if your tits don't get in the way  ( remember that' 39-23-39?) or maybe they're an advantage?" (shrug)

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