Tuesday, April 30, 2019



Proof positive, of a dubious pseudo fact:  Continual use of marijuana does not kill you nor (in this case only - individual results will rely on the person's state of mind and age) make you silly.

By my exceedingly rough use of mathematics, Willie has been on the unlit end of a joint for at least 66 years.   The only apparent side effect is that he does have chronic COPD which has, to date, been successfully treated.  His love of entertaining others is so deep that it will surprise very few of you if the day came when he took the stage with an oxygen bottle in each boot.

Toward a More Colorful Vocabulary - "I need this like a submarine needs a screen door."

"Jeopardy"  If there is a fan club for James Holzhauer whose winnings as of last night are $1,329,604, sign me up.  The first time he played and started out by betting all of the $1,000 clues first, I was impressed.  Talk about "Go big, or go home"... And then worked his way up to the $200 level.

This "Start for the Big $$$" has affected ensuing contestants.  More than a few of them now do it the James Way.

I think it's sportsmanlike on his part to leave the easy pickins for his fellow contestants.  I think they have all (or pretty much all)  resigned themselves to the fact that he rarely gets it wrong and he's gonna win anyhow.

Doesn't hurt that he's not exactly ugly, too.  And very family oriented.

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