Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Please Excuse Some Bragging ...

I've been lucky enough to garner some personal PR in the form of a lengthy news story tying me to the Long Beach Grand Prix this weekend because as a former freelance journalist, I shot the first one (1975.)

To see it - and the nine photos accompanying the article, go Google 

"Finding the sweet spot" + Nina Murphy

I am triply happy because it is running in the Beach Reporter, the Daily Breeze Web site and the Long Beach Press-Telegram.

If this doesn't help sell my book, nothing ever will.  As a thank you to Michael Hixson who wrote the piece and Chuck Bennet, who shot it, I probably should cut them in for 10 per cent of any royalties paid me.  First let's see if all of this hoop-la generates any.  10% of $4 would be 40 cents, so this is not exactly a windfall for them.    

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Nic Cha Kim said...

Hi Nina,
Read your amazing story in the dailybreeze. I'm a reporter for Spectrum News 1 and hoping you'd be open to me producing a short video profile on you and your work. Please reach out to me at Thanks!