Monday, May 7, 2018

"Yew Cain't Alwus Git Whut You Wanted"

With cordial thanks to that bouncing, prancing rock 'n roll icon Mick Jagger!

I have been wrestling (if one can with a object deep in cyberspace) to  design and implement a new South Bay Writers Workshop Website .  The original was pretty bare bones and anyhow I was tired of it.

GoDaddy offered me a deal I couldn't resist - to make the Writers Workshop Website available to smart phone users and other social media.  Which makes me wonder - why not sooner?  Smart phones have been around now for quite some time.  

So I created one.  Then GoDaddy snarls that one has to use their templates.  And I snarled back in a remarkable re-creation of my inner two year old.  Essential gist:  If I can't have what I want, then I don't want any part of you so you can just go ... away.  Language refined.

After several days of frustration (I don't speak computer-ese) and a dangerously high blood pressure, I got over myself.  I deflected into "Who cares but me anyhow?  Frisby it on outta here."

Now I am about to X3 all of the above.  I have to ask how to link their book ads (four of us are newly-published and it's just an additional plug for those books) into the writer's Website.

I have about as much business trying to do a Website on a computer as a dog to drive a trash truck.  None at all.

Better days.  I will get this done.

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