Saturday, May 5, 2018

Mint Juleps and Guacamole

Two  reasons to party today -  it's a double so bring them on!  The Kentucky Derby will feature bizarre women's hats, fulsome announcers discussing all 144 previous races, innumerable commercials,  the swigging down of The Official Drink of the Derby - the time-honored drink of Southern Colonels - and there was something else ... Oh, yes!  a horse race which gives us (after all of the above) "the fastest two minutes in racing!"

As always at any public event, there is a show off  and in this case, it is the $1,000 per drink Mint Julep. (I think for most of us, we would expect a six-pack of the damned things for that kind of money.)   Spoiler alert for those reaching for their MasterCard.  It is not the ingredients used.  It is a  sterling silver-etched commemorative cup with such as the Twin Spires of Churchill Downs or a horse and rider depicted on it.  It is presented to the cooing buyer in a wooden box lined with the same silk as the jockey's shirts.

Too plebian? "Darling!  Every other Tom, Dick and Harry will have one!"  Upgrade to the $2,500 cup which is gold-plated.  Comparison shopping tells us that this Derby is expected to sell 120,000 mint juleps at the house price of $11 each.  Estimated number of sips to drain your glass - 22.

Humph.  Let us turn our attention to a more personable celebration which is Cinco de Mayo, erstwhile competitor with St. Patrick's Day for most drunks ejected from a bar.  Ignoring the mandatory tequila shots, triple power margaritas and other brain deadeners, let's have some guacamole to pad our stomachs, shall we?

California claims that in California alone, 87.3 million pounds of avocados or 175 million individual avocados will be used to make 349 servings of guacamole.  Chew on that one!  And drive carefully.  

Feliz dia de le  Cinco de Mayo!

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