Tuesday, May 8, 2018

All Patients Are Not Treated Equally

This morning I have the yearly  Clamps of Death Exam, more professionally referred to as a mammogram.  Women's lot is not an easy one.  Our grandmothers could have told us that.  Probably did and we weren't listening.

Anyhow I began to wonder why after 28 mammograms I had never gotten a male technician.  In fact, there was never a male in that entire area of the medical offices.

So I looked it up and found some statistics unrelated to this matter and quite a few Comments, the gist of which were:  "It's bad enough for another woman to see this body"  "Legally speaking, refusing to hire a qualified male technician is grounds for a discrimination suit."  Several women admitted that if they arrived, disrobed and were then greeted by a male tech they would gather their inadequate gowns around themselves and flee into the darkest recesses of the dressing room and tremble at a narrow escape.

Deep into my search, I found the following statistics.  In 2010 the male doctor graduates numbered 69.9 per cent of all med school graduates.  Further hair splitting on another site broke that percentage into specialties chosen.

This was a surprise - plastic surgeons:  Male 5,993  Female 886.  Since men are notoriously bad at applying make-up (drag queens excepted) I can't think a woman would want a man messing around with their face.  I mean faces are forever; you can always wash make-up off.

The only near tie I saw was for child and adolescent psychiatrists - Men:  51.8 per cent; Women 48.2 per cent.

Moving more into current statistics, in 2015 there were 9,798 male medical school graduates and 8,907 females.

My preference, you ask?  I really don't care what sex squashes my tits into near pancakes.  All I want is to get in there, git'ter done and get the hell out.  I'm easy.  No girlish shrieks, just a tightening of the jaw during the exam.  Number 29 is not going to kill me just as the previous 28 didn't either.

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