Monday, May 14, 2018

Adult to Screaming 2 Year Old: No, Honey, This Is Mommie's Adult Lollipop

The Sun, a Brit newspaper that reminds me of our, has something on offer that I had never heard of (Yes, need to get out more.)

Both of the main supermarkets there - Sainsburys and Aldi - sell alcoholic lollipops as adult beverages with an alcohol content of 4.5 ABV.  New entries being touted in The Sun are Gin and Tonic or Raspberry Bellinis which substitute Prosecco for Champagne and Raspberry slush for the original's white peaches.  Sainsbury's four-pack goes for 2.50 Lbs and Aldi's four-pack for 2.99 Lbs.

In noodling around looking to see if these are the only adult lolls around, I discovered that the following are also available: 

Bourbon and Ancho Chilis
Pina Colado
Tequila Not (no alcohol in them) with a mescal worm frozen into each lollipop.  If HotLix thinks they can get away with not including tequila in something they expect you to eat the worm out of ... hello, Frat Boys!

Veering away from lollipops,  may I introduce Prosecco Gummy Bears?  $7 lb. and recommended for such as wedding receptions, bridal showers, and so forth.  One contributor to the gaiety that is sure to ensue remarked at how lovely they look floating in a champagne flute.

For myself (aka Champagne Ho) I do not need gummy bears (or any other kind) taking space in a flute when the champagne would be much more welcome.  As we know no one at a marriageable age at this point in time, just one less thing to worry about - getting stiffed on the champagne at a gala of any type.

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