Monday, May 21, 2018

Dear GoFundMe, Please Get Me $9.7 Million, Abe (Lincoln)

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation is seeking $9.7 million as part of a payback on a $25 million loan with $23 million due in October, 2019.

To show sincerity and keep a credit rating, the Foundation is holding a sale in Las Vegas of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia on June 23, 2018.  It turns out that Marilyn Monroe (here is where you might say, "Of all people!") was a great fan of all things Lincoln.

Who knew?

The Lincoln Library was opened October 14, 2004; the Museum followed on April 19, 2005, and attendance figures have been robust since then.  It is a State-controlled Presidential Museum which begs the question - is the State out of money?  This is Illinois, keep in mind, where finances are somewhat whimsical, depending on the greed level of elected officials.

I consulted to learn about these three buildings that contain the Lincoln items in a kind of complex in downtown Springfield and what is on exhibit looked damned interesting - the gloves he was carrying and the top hat he was wearing as he traveled to his doom at the Theatre.

The Mary Todd Lincoln White House china set (196 [pieces) is on display along with depictions of his boyhood home and more - letters, household items, and who knows what else?

As a sort of final flourish, GoFundMe for $9 million dollars???? I wonder what a request for a more modest sum could get us ... ya want in on a million?

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