Friday, May 25, 2018

Picnics: The Hard Way and the Easy Way

Not surprisingly to long-time readers here (and thank you very much) I would opt for "hard."   Every time.  Today's example of my foolishness is this:

I proposed a picnic to our dear friend Olga.  I told her that Veteran's Park, Redondo, had a sensational view of the open Pacific, with the point of Palos Verdes descending into the sea on the left and on the right a good view of the Redondo Beach Pier.  The park itself is lovely with green lawns, clusters of pretty trees and friendly squirrels (you can hand feed many of them.) 

We cooed with pleasure at the idea, did Olga and me.  I told her that Richie would make a macaroni salad and I'd do deviled eggs with which out one cannot do.  

Olga immediately wrote back that she would make salmon and cream cheese sandwiches, a flan (!) for dessert and lemonade.  I don't like fish so I'm bring three bacon and tomato sandwiches.  

Richie dug out the infrequently used picnic back pack with it's cunning little plates, silverware for two, a pair of plastic (shudder) wine glasses, a wine opener and green and white checked napkins.   Very stylish.  For two.  So they can have the "good stuff" and I'll bring my own fork for the salad and flan.  People familiar with my "style" are undoubtedly surprised that I didn't elect to just eat with my hands. 

Richie, after considering the probable tonnage to be moved from vehicle to picnic table, reminded me that my old wheelchair (walking solo now) could serve as transport.   "Excellent!" I replied.

Happily the sun is out after gloomy projections of "overcast and drizzle" slated to clear at about 2 or 3 this afternoon.    

We'll see how this goes.  If it doesn't work there's always the Easy Way:

Whip into Guiliano's and get a sandwich of your choice, a little sack of potato chips, make a pass at the pastries, and pay and head out.

After Our Picnic
It was a literally picturesque day - bright sunlight, not a cloud in the hard blue sky and the grass looked all the greener for that light.  Think a kid's box of Crayolas.  We only had four bags among us so didn't bother with the wheelchair.  Olga complimented Himself on his macaroni salad and we savored Olga's flan.  She can really make a good one.

Still we did agree as we packed up to get back in the car that perhaps a scoop of ice cream would really finish it all off with a bang and motored stately over to Baskin and Robbins for the flavors of our choice.

At home, as the dinner hour approached, we agreed that we couldn't do better than the rest of the sandwiches and some more macaroni salad.  A profitable day.  No gulls or pigeons attacked and some cawing black birds in a nearby tree amused.   We agreed that since Redondo Beach has 27 parks and parkettes, we would do this again.  Twenty-six to go!

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