Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Rudy is a fellow member of the South Bay Writers Workshop where we enjoyed hearing and critiquing his four novels so it was a surprise to us when he added "Actor" to his resume.  He was doing quite well as an "Author"!

Arguably, it was even more of a surprise when acting turned into a lucrative amusement for him!  Traditionally, actors live in cardboard boxes, work when they can at coffee shops, car washes while waiting for their big break.  Not our Rudy.  He hasn't been "at leisure" since he started!

Here he quietly opens the door backstage and lets us in to study a Call Sheet.  Shhh!  The red light is on - they're filming!  Don't make a sound!

10 a.m.  Be sure to eat breakfast (and lunch if you're not skeleton crew) before arriving.  Snacks will be provided throughout the day.

Production notes:  Wear closed-toe shoes to set.  Keep your phone on silent during the set.  Stay hydrated.  Drink water continuously throughout the day.  Please keep talking to a minimum and, when able, please use the specified cast/crew rest areas.

Lunch - 1 p.m.  Wrap 9 p.m.

Nearest hospital: St. Joseph Mission
Weather 60 a.m., 67 noon   Humidity 57%, sunny.

Visit him at and buy a book! (or three)
"Six Months In Spain"
"The Man In the Ice Cream Suit"
"The Old Kirkham Farm"
"Don't Play with Those Kids Down the Street"

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