Friday, May 18, 2018


Me either.  Not even going to tape it.  If the planners had made it more exciting, put a little show biz in it ... might then tape it.

I am referring to an ancient Chinese custom of all of the bridesmaids being dressed exactly like the bride.  Huh? you ask?  It was also customary in those wild days of hooligans and no-goodniks to try to rob the bride and if the robbers had to stand around and try to establish the true bride, help could come.   If so inclined.

In Victoria's time, both the bride and her bridesmaids wore white as did the groom and his ushers.  A veritable sea of white bobbing around ...

All-white and all alike ... that would certainly add some pizazz to this event.  Alas.  Ain't gonna happen.  

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