Thursday, May 17, 2018

Four Customers and a Waiter - at the Movies!

The Daily Breeze front page this morning had a huge article on "dinner and a movie" IN the theatre.  Yes, extra wide recliners, little tray tables, an armrest button to summon a waiter for another drink or dessert ... all at the movies.  It was illustrated with two pictures - two women giggling in their recliners and a kneeling waiter, taking their order.  Frankly as they were the size of small houses, I didn't think they needed nourishment, but why be a spoilsport?  And on an inside page, the back of the heads of two customers, otherwise concealed in their recliners and a waiter kneeling beside them.  Otherwise all of the rest of the seats in the theatre appeared to be empty.

The enjoyment of a movie - any of them - in a theatre was never something I understood.  My parents were not cine fans; I was not allowed to go to the movies (or read comic books) so I didn't grow up in the back of a movie theatre.  

I didn't miss it and I won't go to a theatre today.  IT'S TOO FRICKIN' LOUD!  Granted I worked rock'n roll and often spent time in a recording studio but that was business and I was being paid to do it whereas movie goers are stripped of the mortgage payment just to sit in a seat with gum underneath it and stray popcorn sticking out of the seats.

Still, I wondered what was being served at these pavilions of profit.  Take a look - for further info.

Nibbles ...
Loaded Brisket Fries with pulled brisket, sweet and spicy barbecue sauce, cheddar cheese sauce, sweet jalapenos and ranch dressing $10.29  1,370 calories

Ultimate Nachos with spicy queso (Mexican cheese) jalapenos, black beans, pico de gallo, cilantro, guacamole and cool lime cream.  $10.99  1,640 calories

Crispy Brussel Sprouts with Parmesan, chili salt, and a house spice blend.  $7.99  230 calories

Dessert - Chocolate filled churros with whipped cream.  $8.99  1,050 calories.  I remember buying churros, three for 25 cents at the border crossing from Ensenada to the U.S.

Clearly the dishes above are easily executed in your own kitchen.  You can control the sound volume from your very own recliner.  There is never a line for the bathroom.  Easy enough to pour another glass of wine or open a beer.  And - bonus points - you can do all of the above in your ratty underwear (if any).  And if you don't like the movie, hit the button and take it back to the library the next day.

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