Wednesday, May 23, 2018

In Praise of an Independent Book Store

A fellow writer - Laura Hines-Jurgens, "Hopes and Dreams Dating Journal: Booklet" - alerted me to the independent book store Pipe and Thimble at 24830 Narbonne, Lomita.

I have never been in a place equally as interested in supplying readers for self-published authors as Pipe and Thimble.  And as devoted to coddling them - with guest appearances, publicized signings, specialized discussion panels on such topics of interest to readers and the writers such as sci fi, kids' books, romance... and more.  A great deal more.  In addition to books, their shelves are crammed with such as sachets, scented candles, framed illustrations, jokey things.  I can see why they only will accept five books at a time from any given author.  No shelf space!

But they also have a very pleasant looking outdoor patio with comfy-looking cushioned outdoor chairs, potted plants full of blossoms (it being Spring now) all of which looks inviting to people wanting to meet an author or discuss a point in a specific book ... a sort of al fresco Town Hall, if you will.

Their marketing is genius - when you buy a book, you're also given a small white card with a small roll of Smarty candies taped to it.  The copy reads, "Be a smartie ... and leave a review.  Please go to and submit a review for any books you purchase from our store.  If you begin the review with, 'I purchased this book at a local indie bookstore...' it is more likely to be accepted.  And we don't mind if you mention our store (wink.)  Pipe and Thimble Bookstore, 24830 Narbonne Ave., Lomita, CA"

And they have their own free parking lot!  All the bases are covered and ready for a visit from you.

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