Saturday, May 19, 2018

So Much for the Wedding - Onward to the Preakness

This could be a summation (of sorts) about The Wedding.  When Richie uncovered our cockatiel Lady Bird this morning I heard him say to her, "Okay to put away the wedding gown..."  The bird had no discernible response.

In an endless quest to find something entertaining, I noted that the second race of the Triple Crown known as the Preakness takes place outside of Baltimore today.  The weather for the race is not promising - 80 per cent chance of precipitation, 94 per cent humidity (look for lathered up horses at the finish) and a gentle wind at 10 mph.

It's what I would call a "small race" with only eight horses competing -- of note, all of them are brown.  Not a grey one in the bunch.  This means my bet requires me to work at it a little instead of just saying, "The grey one - here's the mortgage payment."  I'm forced into a default position that has me just picking a name I like.

I'm not the only one to question the scarcity of grey horses on the racing circuit.  It turns out that grey horses carry a gene that changes the original color of the horse by lightening it.  A dappled grey horse will eventually turn white.

But the sad fact remains:  there are not enough grey horses who are good enough to be bred.  Sting!

Disappointing news indeed.  So my bet is the horse named Quip.  Seems appropriate for a writer.

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