Saturday, May 5, 2018

Post Derby Observations

In no particular order ... observations are random anyhow ...

Millionaire owners wearing clear plastic ponchos over their bespoke London or Italian suits ...

The ladies' hats must have been made of plastic - not a one suffered from the rain.

A female  announcer sounded quite horse knowledgeable.  She remarked that No. such-and-such had never raced in mud; watch to see how he reacts to mud on his belly.  No, he never raced on mud, which is not to say at his home stable, he hadn't run on it.  A bit unclear there.

I am a fool for a grey race horse.  I swear I would bet on a grey with three legs and the blinders wrong side out, facing his tail.  There were no grey competitors, but there were four gray horses on the track.  The go-with horses or "escorts."   Disappointing.  I half-hoped that one of them, filled with an adventurous spirit would sidle in amongst them and run, too.  Alas.

And none of our picks won which is nothing new.  I think I last won sometime back in the '90s.

Next year I win big on a grey horse, dammit!

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