Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Tah Dah!

This notification is not being delivered to you courtesy of a mental hospital which permits inmates to correspond and make Websites.  But it was a damned close thing.

This morning I made myself do it and called GoDaddy's Help line for guidance.  It is not that I am so proud that I refuse help until all is lost, it is that whoever I'm talking to very often speaks computerese with instructions and I have to say, "Where's that?" or "What's that?"

I spoke with a very professional, but friendly tech named Jermaine.  Pooints for flawless English.

Come to find out, I had three different Websites.  This one had this; that one didn't have it, but did have that.  The possibilities for error numbered in the dozens and I hit every one of them.

During our discussion I mentioned that I wanted to replace Daddy's locator map with a better one I had gleaned and learned something.  "You have to use ours," Jermaine, said, softly.   When the dust settles,  I will quietly try to slip in "my" map in the photographs section.

I did get Recently Published in the print section, but was not able to get the ads for each book in a photo section.  More work ahead, but for right now, what's there is going to have to be good enough.

Keep scrolling down - I can't figure out how to get rid of all of the space between book jackets and map.


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