Saturday, May 27, 2017

What Is This "Bromance" ... Nonsense? *

The most recently named bromance partners are Emmanuel Macron, 39, and Justin Trudeau, 45.  The first is the President of France; the other runs Canada. 

Not quite sure what bromance-ville entailed, I looked it up and it is described as:  a close, platonic friendship of love, support and deep affection."  It was first coined in 1990 in a skateboard magazine so you can readily see the absolute relevance of such an expression.  Skateboarders are known far and wide for their compassion for their fellow skaters.  I think.

Unfortunately I am old and old-fashioned because a "romance" means only one thing to me.  It is the mutual admiration of two people interested in finding love that subsequently leads to events that include but are not limited to giving gifts of flowers, candy and jewelry, and  banging like a screen door in a tornado. 

Very well; so much for what I think.  Additionally  I think that older words used to describe friendships make more sense.  "Oh, we're great friends!"  Or "He/she is my best friend!" are much clearer in explaining the relationship. 

There seems to be no set similar expression for women's friendships.  "Womance" sounds wike you can't tawk stwait and "Homance" strikes unpleasantly close to "pimps and hos" in my lexicon. 

O Millenials, we look to you for an explanation.  Oh, that's right - you're too narcissistic to be bothered.  Sorry. 

*  This is not the word I would have used, but AP-style frowns on expletive use in a headline.

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