Monday, May 22, 2017

Elvis Is IN The Building

In an unusual effort to spiff this place up a little bit - very uncharacteristic - we decided to:

Have the wall heaters attended to and that includes removal of the downstairs heater - the heat only goes up the stairs and is useless for the office or more importantly, the bathroom after showering on a wintry day.  Especially the post shower bit.  My kingdom for a toasty bathroom? 

The upstairs wall heater is being replaced with a newer model.  This house was built in 1963 and I think the wall heaters (twins) were installed then.   Re this newer model, I was stunned to learn that they now come with thermostats!  Can you imagine?  You just twist a dial (or something) and the furnace stays at the designated temperature!  No more flying up the stairs to turn it on full blast on those mornings when it's 45 outdoors and 55 inside.  And don't forget to turn on the ceiling fan to blow the heat around. 

This is truly exciting - this automatic heat deal.  You may wonder at our timing though.  Naturally, yesterday it was 75, but today our familiar marine layer is back this morning  as it should be for Gray May and June Gloom when we rarely see the sun. 

Jaimie who runs things at Silva Construction, a firm we've used for 30+ years, called this morning at 7:40 a.m. to tell me that the heating guy will be at the house at 8 a.m. I nearly dropped the phone.  Neither one of us had showered yet.  She said, "You'll like this - his name is Elvis!"  and I replied, "Can't beat a pro football player I knew of - his name was "Elvis Peacock!"    We tittered over that until I noticed it was 15 minutes till touchdown for Elvis and made hasty adieus

As I can do bed-to-street in 15 minutes, I wasn't too worried.  Richie's toilet is considerably longer in its completion, but in this case it didn't matter.  Men can run around in their underwear in front of complete strangers (male, only) and neither ever bats an eyelash.   It's a guy thing - and they're welcome to it.

Elvis showed up promptly and is now removing the downstairs heater.  Much rustling through tool sounds.  And then the security door banged as he went out for more.  I took a peek from the office door and saw that the hall is piled with tool bags and there's a vertical hole in the wall. 

Elvis is a stocky, well-built man of probably early 30s, clearly good-natured and quite affable.  I looked down on his head as he worked from the floor and his black hair is neatly parted and slicked down from the shower-looking.  His mama would be proud.


In answer to yesterday's curiosity as to whether Cher  has adopted wearing underwear, the answer has to be a resounding "No!"  Shots of her in two very revealing costume's at Sunday's Billboard Music Awards clearly proved it beyond any doubt.  I never thought I would say this (okay, write it) but Cher has put on a few (much-needed) pounds!

YES!  Warmth!

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