Friday, May 5, 2017

From the Social Pages, May 5, 2017

This is Mrs. Moondoggie Climber, reporting to you from divine Redondo Beach, close to the sea but closer to your hearts!  Yes!

It's going to be a very social weekend simply packed with choices!  La, the excitement!

Today is Cinco de Mayo or as the Ragin Cajun slyly calls it "Cinco de Bayou"  - isn't that precious?
Well,  an A for Effort, Raging Person, at trying to lure away long-time residents who wouldn't dream of celebrating anywhere but a Mexican restaurant.  Merciful Heavens.  Or "chinga tu madre" as we say.  I'm not exactly sure what that means, but I hear our gardener using it and he's Mexican so ...

And the restaurant is Las Brisas, 1969 Artesia, Redondo Beach.  If their parking lot is full, we all know when the North Redondo library closes and use their parking lot.  My hubbie, Mr. Adorable and I have been celebrating there for at least 30 years so you know they have something good going on!

I'm just hoping that they cooked up a big batch of their new enticement on their specials menu.  It's been a special for awhile now, but the chef tells me it's so popular that it may come onto the menu!  It's Shrimp in a Chipotl Cream Sauce and it is good ...a mild heat that permeates the shrimp. Mmm mmm!

Tomorrow, Saturday, is the Kentucky Derby with all of its colorful details - the ladies in their finery - la! the hats!  Did you ever except for last year?  They just get more fanciful every year.  Those beautiful gleaming horses in brilliant owner's colors strutting arrogantly around!  "I'm going to win; look at ME!" you can almost hear them saying.   Except, tee hee, we all know horses can't talk!  Wouldn't that be funny if they could?  I'm just giggling to myself, aren't you?

Mr. Adorable and I usually don't go anywhere to watch the Derby; we have a perfectly good TV right here at home.  And anyhow, neither one of us likes those mint juleps.  Imagine a highball class with ice cubes and straight bourbon with a weedy-looking stalk or longish sprig (? what do you call it?) of mint sticking out.  Not very pretty - reminded me of trying to drink compost, you know? - and one will put you on your keister and we don't want that, do we? 

I'm just so mad -  spent 10 minutes this morning trying to find out the contesting horses colors.  And none of the racing sites had pictures!  I love grey horses.  So ghostly and very often so swift.  I think they become kind of invisible to the other horses - isn't that silly?  Oh my yes. 

Well, nothing famous that I know of happening on Sunday.  I guess we'll just have to rest up from all of the fun on Friday and Saturday!  Sounds like a plan, doesn't it?  Have a great Cinco de Mayo, win big at the Derby and just relish it all on Sunday! 

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