Wednesday, May 10, 2017

So Typically Cart Before the Horse

Longtime LA Times columnist Steve Lopez has made a career out of being a gadfly in the public's eye.  He has railed for the public's right to shoreline access vs. Malibu millionaires; followed a homeless man named Nat, a violinist down on his luck and meds and got him rehabilitated to the point where he is more or less self-sufficient.  All good and worthy things. 

Today Lopez took readers to Venice (California) where homelessness is rampant.  He detailed interviews with homeowners and groups seeking to stabilize the non-med-taking crazies who, due to a lack of public bathrooms, defecate and urinate on whatever is handy.  Their make-shift tents block the sidewalks making it difficult for tax-paying residents to make their way around their own neighborhood.

The last two paragraphs are so typically the do-gooder with a warm heart and ice cubes for brains that I feel compelled to quote them. 

"At 3rd and Sunset, team members wondered if this would be the day their persistence paid off and a delusional woman living in a tent would listen to their offer of help.

"She did.  Now the team is trying to line up the best  option and bring her in, as soon as possible, from the streets of Venice."

If this group stole a horse, they would have no idea where to then house it.  They are not real good at having a plan in place or thinking ahead.  Just rush out there and Do Something!  .

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