Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Thought

In the wake of the Manchester slaughter, a number of people are fretful that audiences will flee venues that present live performances. 

What if attendees were screened as if they were boarding a plane?  Oh, you say that it would take too long?    Airports handle a great many people per day and the public has (finally) learned that if you want to go, get your butt to the airport well before your flight time.  Can not concert attendees learn the same thing?

Who's going to pay for all of those machines and personnel?  The artist performing.  If they want to rake in the big bucks, let them spend a little for the safety of their fans and pay a rental fee on the venue's investment in screening expenses. 

Too cheap to do it?  Let them Skype their performance to a paying audience who can remain in the relative safety of their homes with their friends.   Tough that a lot of people will see your star turn for free, but ... you didn't want to buy available security ...so eat it.

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