Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Kudos To A Fellow Writer!

Writers are among the most competitive groups going.  The South Bay Writers Workshop is no less so..  Unfortunately, our competitive-ness is rather limited.  The local newspaper, the Daily Breeze, runs a column called "My Turn" from reader submissions.  No offense, DB, but this is not exactly a Nobel for Fiction or Otherwise level. 

Today, Chris Lynch got it.  Her piece is entitled "Dirty coins and hope add up to big-time fun"

Chris has a great sense of humor, dry and sere as a bone, which often makes things twice as funny. 

What is great from a writer's point of view is that Stephanie Walton, editor, of the column lets writers have a dollop of advertising at the column close.  Chris' book, "Tender Points: a Fibromyalgia Memoir" got a plug and so did we - "and a member of the South Bay Writers Workshop." 

Everybody's happy!  Competition is forgotten in the aura of hope for all the rest of us.

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