Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sniggering at Those More Glamorous than Ourselves

Today, Cher celebrates her 71st birthday.  I wondered to Richie if she was finally wearing underwear?  He snorted and turned a page in the Sports section.  He's not big on gossip.

I turned instead to the Daily Mail's breathless coverage of the Pippa Middleton wedding.  She is the younger sister of Kate Middleton, wife to Prince Charles.  Mrs. Middleton can now relax, having gotten both daughters wed.  Son James Middleton while not marching down the aisle himself is said to be in a long-term but off and on relationship with a former child star, presenter and so forth named Donna Air, 37.  Air?  Airwaves?  If that's her real name,  I would be surprised.  Even though I looked to find her birth name and was unsuccessful.  

The other item mentioned but not dwelt on - a profusion of portable portaloos - will decorate grounds of the Middleton mansion for a reception this evening.    I think that while it is certainly accommodating for guests, it's all hysterically funny.  I wonder if they designated ... "Duchesses" or "Princesses" ..on the doors. It's good to know that the great British reverence for titles is flourishing.

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