Sunday, May 7, 2017


Minuit (French for Midnight) died age 14 years, 9 months, Saturday, May 7, 2017.  She lost a gallant fight against feline kidney disease when it suddenly and abruptly accelerated to the point of no return. 

She was adopted from the Yukon Avenue branch of the SPCA along with her Shelter Sister, Streak, also 14 years, but 8 months.  Both were four months old when they came to their permanent home.

Co-owner Nina Murphy remarked, "Of all of our six cats over the years, Minuit was the most patient of them all.  She would sit quietly beside the water bowl or food dish and never make a sound.  She was willing to wait until one or the other of us noticed her.

She was never a vocal cat, unlike some I could mention - Streak, I'm talking to you - but purred readily despite not being a lap cat in no uncertain terms.  She looked down on Streak as a "lap junkie," in fact.

She was the most outgoing in that yes, a knock at the door sent her scurrying under the bed, but unlike them, she would emerge later.  She recognized the voices of two friends - "D" and "Raffish" and would come readily to say hello.   

As a gesture of her gratitude to the Hermosa Animal Hospital, she wanted any unused medicines and the new bag of Kidney Diet dry food returned to the hospital in the event they have less fortunate financially cats whose owners could use them. 

She will be cremated in a private ceremony and interred in a small cedar chest to be stored with the four others containing the remains of previous cats.

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