Saturday, May 6, 2017

Does It Get Any Better Than This? (snicker)

An ex-wife goes after the current occupant on a dance floor at a benefit for a grade school.  Meh, exes get touchy.  That's not what makes this story singular.

The ex - who calls herself DR. Erin Foster - is a therapist who offers relationship advice on "Dating Naked,"  MTV's "Are You The One?" and Dr. Drew Pinsky's talk radio program.  She specializes in relationship advice.  She is the former wife,

The incident took place at a benefit for a local grade school.  Tiffany Barbara, the current wife told the police that she was happily frolicking on the dance floor with a couple of fellow Moms when Dr. Erin grabbed her by the arm and nearly yanked her down onto the dance floor. 

In her request for a restraining order, Tiffany stated that "I was caught completely off-guard.  In that moment, I was terrified that Erin was going to hit me with what she had in her hand."  What she had in her hand was a cell phone which she stuck in Tiffany's face and recorded her while vilifying her verbally.   "She appeared to be intoxicated," said poor Tiffany who was also celebrating her 48th birthday at this private home bash.  Clearly one she'll never forget.

The security guard evicted Erin after she became "belligerent" to him.

J. Peter Barbara, Sr. VP, City National Bank, was apparently unavailable for a quote.   

Dr. Erin Foster will be arraigned in Torrance Court on May 19th on a battery charge. 

And I never did straighten out how many children, if any, each woman had contributed to the marriages. 

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