Monday, May 29, 2017

Taking Umbrage at Nomenclature

A new home for indigent American veterans is opening.  This two-story facility provides 480 sq. ft. of  housing per tenant consisting of a bed, dresser, TV, dinette, easy chair, kitchen and closet constructed from shipping containers and is located in Midway City, CA.

The name of this effort is Potters Lane.  I read that and thought they were kidding.  Potters Lane as in Potters Field? 

Potters Field is not a good place to be buried.  They are, one and all, mass graves and have been for a very long time.  Potters used a specific area of land, rich in clay to dig for their works or they did until the high priests of Jerusalem purchased this land  to provide a mass  burial ground for unknown and/or poor people.   From those days to these "potters field" has been used to describe mass graves for the above, because the deceased was too poor to pay for a solitary grave as is customary.

Would you want to live in a development named "Potters Lane"?  As in, "Oh yes, to get to Potters Field, you take Potters Lane and ..."

The American Family Housing USA bunch clearly thinks that vets will just love it and is clucking with glee, shoulders stinging from all the pats on the back they are giving themselves.  The veterans pay $69/month and charities and others pay the remainder - $1,259 - of the monthly rent.  We're talking $1,328 total rent and I have to wonder why the rent for  480 sq. ft. in a town the majority of us has never heard  of prior to today is so high.  You can rent a 1,200 sq. ft. two-story, three bedroom house in Redondo Beach for $1,500. 

American Family Housing USA - I'm lookin' at you ... Non-profit? 

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