Monday, February 27, 2017

What They Ate After the Oscars and Other Vital Matters

Chef Wolfgang Puck is once again catering the Vanity Fair magazine post-Oscars doolally.

Oddities from his menu - I didn't bother with mac and truffles or bacon-wrapped dates - so 10 years ago.  Really!  What were they thinking?

Gold-dusted popcorn - great addition to a resume, "Oh, I held a gold-filled shaker over the popcorn at the Oscars party." 
24-karate gold-dusted Oscar-shaped chocolates.  There will be 7,000 of them for your dining appreciation.  I have to wonder with all of the gold if "the stars" aren't in reality getting free dental work -  gold-filled cavities? 

Lobster corn dogs
Taro root and shrimp tacos
Oscar-shaped matzo crackers with smoked salmon
Baked potato and caviar

For the full menu - in very small type - Google  Chef Wolfgang Puck + Vanity Fair.  It is an extensive menu and I think that if you ate just one bite of everything being offered, you'd be as full as an egg.  Let me know how the lobster corn dogs worked out, okay?


The "My Turn" column in today's Daily Breeze:  "Lenten Offering:  The Top 10 Best Films Starring Jesus" by Don Lechman

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