Monday, February 20, 2017

The Wit of Some of Our Presidents (or Their Speechwriters)

The LA Times this morning featured a listing of clever things some of our past Presidents have uttered, many at the annual Press Club dinner where polite manners dictate that the President speaking make fun of himself.  I think most of them do that on a regular basis and not only at the Press Club affair. 

Gerald Ford in 1975:  "I am sure you have all noticed that the White House is getting a new coat of paint.  The painter says it is leak proof.  I sure hope so."

Lyndon B. Johnson's reply to a Marine who'd told him, "Mr. President, this is your helicopter over here."  He said, "They're all mine, son."

Herbert Hoover's answer to a woman who wanted to know what retired presidents do - "Madame, we spend our time taking pills and dedicating libraries."

John F. Kennedy's reply to someone who asked him how he'd become a war hero:  "It was involuntary; they sank my boat." 

Jimmy Carter at the 1979 White House Correspondent's dinner:  "Tonight, to show my good will, I'm going to give you such an inside story - off the record, of course, so put away your crayons."

James Madison lay dying, but quipped, "I always speak better lying down." 

                                                    HAPPY PRESIDENTS DAY

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