Friday, February 24, 2017

Presidents & World Leaders at the Table

Sources:  Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and various Websites including Food & Wine

Ladies First - It is well known that Queen Elizabeth never left the castle without her Malvern barley water.  Until 2010 when Coca Cola who had bought the brand ended it.  This closure really was the act of Damned Yankees as Queen Elizabeth 1 popularized drinking barley water and now, 400 years later:  gone!    This may not be so well bruited about - (shhhh!) but - she's a chocoholic and particularly enjoys chocolate biscuit cake, mousse au chocolat.

Pope Francis loves pizza, but is sad that he can't just hop over to the nearest pizzeria and have a slice.

Kim Jong-In is mad for Swiss cheese to the point that he claims it has messed with his digestion. An adventurous eater, he has sampled rhino, spiders and God only knows what else.  Grilled rhino steak with a Swiss cheese sauce anyone?

Vladimer Putin loves pistachio ice cream as does Binyamin Netanyahu.  Hmmm...

Angela Merkel likes a soup made of cabbage with sausage chunks.  Another sauerkraut lover is Jacque Chirac who also loves escargots.  Surely not together???

Evo Morales of Bolivia likes quinoa soup.  It can't be chicken noodle because once he publicly stated that after eating hens on hormones, men  no longer act like men. 

Obama loves broccoli; George H W Bush hates broccoli so much that after election, he said that he didn't like it as a kid; he doesn't like it now and as President he doesn't have to eat it at all. (So hah!)

Donald Trump loves McDonald's Filet O Fish.

Bill Clinton claimed his share of chicken enchiladas.

David Cameron likes a rather easy-to-make dish - spicy sausage and pasta.

Theresa May?  Indian cuisine.  She has tons of restaurants in London to choose from, too.

Justin Trudeaux loves sushi.  This took me a moment to consider, I must say.

Shinzo Abe likes ice cream - do we see a trend here?      

Dalai Lama sets a more austere table with bread and cheese.

Fidel Castro liked turtle soup.  Turtles have 100-year life spans, maybe he was trying for same?

Nelson Mandela likes ox tripe.  Not beef (or chicken if they do indeed have tripe)

Ronald Reagan dug into mac 'n cheese with gusto. 

Margaret Thatcher enjoyed grilled Dover sole.  Could the mercury in fish have caused Alzheimers?

Idi Amin not surprisingly liked roast goat.  I wonder if that was after-play for the poor goat...

Richard Nixon - much has been made of his penchant for cottage cheese swathed in catsup, but historians forgot one other ingredient - pineapple! 

Ready for lunch yet?

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