Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Newest Idea for Bone-Idle Lazy People

What follows is NOT "faux news."  Sadly, it's for realsies.

The Whole Foods store in New Bryant Park, New York, has among other delights - a rolling cart dispensing made-this-minute tahini dips - a new department with a shiny counter, a white-clad "butcher" and a neon sign above (blue) that reads PRODUCE BUTCHER. 

This person will accept your head of cabbage or bunch of carrots or broccoli trees and trim and cut them as you require - chopped, minced, cubed - ready for the table or steamer. 

This is not a free service from Whole Foods.  It's a dollar a pound for bulk veggies (probably the head of a cabbage would be "bulk." )

This is not actually ground-breaking - this slice and dice service.  Mario Batali's Eataly started doing it seven years ago.  Since Whole Foods is promoting it like the best thing since crisp bacon - oops - I have to wonder what kind of a success or not, it was for Eataly. 

One reader commented "E.coli Warriors?"   Many others decried the laziness inherent in taking the onion for chopping to the Produce Butcher.  Several asked if someone would be sent home with them to spoon feed these customers.  "Millennials"  was mentioned frequently.  And not in a nice way.

Many of us know this service - in restaurants, it's called "prep cook" and, yes, they do cook your meal for you!

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